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Get construction ERP software to automate your business.

Streamline all stages of a project’s lifecycle using cloud-based ERP software. Built for contractors, builders, developers, project managers, architects, engineers, EPC, and MPC companies.

Construction Management

Results you can expect

Project Costing

Intended to optimise project budgets by estimating billing, procurement, and execution needs

Project Scheduling

Plan construction project management activities, track deliveries, monitor resources & deadlines

Project Engineering

Specifications, proposal reviews, and design drawings can help you get ahead of the curve and save time.

Bid Management

Manage the bidding process by coordinating with potential contractors, suppliers, sponsors, and other interested parties.

Contractors & Liaison Management

Assigning and keeping track of liaison roles can establish positive communication and capitalise on opportunities.

Material Management

Compare and contrast vendors, accept shipments and orders, manage stock levels, and ensure smooth inventory flow.

Financial Management

Utilize cash for construction project management to maximise the company’s financial resources.

Site Management

Manage all site operations, including certifications, quality standards, safety regulations, and the creation of site-specific reports.

S1 Construction powerful capabilities for your businesses

  • Define the legal framework for the organisation.
  • Tax and regulatory compliance can be automated.
  • Third-party application integration
  • Estimation of Tenders and Bids
  • Create financial, stock, and business intelligence reports.
  • Keep client records and maintain communication
  • Contractors and other stakeholders registration
  • Integrate all modules to the financial management module.