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S1 Hospitality Suites (S1HS)

A comprehensive property management system for hoteliers to manage their room bookings with next-generation features that will help you automate and optimise daily operations, and enhance overall efficiency, and revenue.

S1 Hospitality Suites Features

Designed by hoteliers for hoteliers.

Content Management


Internet of Things

Data Analytics


Malaysian Product

Anytime, Anywhere


Multi Device Accessibility

ZeroBooking Commission

Deliver Guest Experience, Drive Service Efficiency


Flexibility in multiple rate, packages and plans settings are the essence of S1 Hospitality, to meet the different day, time period or (off-season or shoulder season) season. This allows yield management with powerful pricing strategies of upselling, minimum stays, and maximum stays. Create your own promotions and 365 days travel fair.

Dashboard & Analytics

In control via an individual user friendly dashboard providing overview of key hotel metrics at a glimpse, the vision of the business health and KPIs visualisation of real-time data information only relevant to the respective user tell your story, set alerts, with alerts for quick action or decision-making any time anyplace.

Security & Safety

With data breaches across industries, deploying a reliable and secure method of security for hotels is key to providing a sense of security and safety to the guests. S1 PMS embraces biometrics, applying it in various areas of hotel requirements for identification and verification to provide guests with safety and convenience that is truly contactless.

Guest Apps

Guest Mobile app allows guests to request services, access hotel services and information from the convenience of the smartphone, easy to use provides revenue boosting opportunities, enhances the guest experience and drives bookings. Other features incorporated are local POls, directory, messaging, bookable hotel services/facilities, hotel promotions, interactive maps, weather and integration with i-Calendar/Google Calendar.

Customer Centric & Marketing campaigns.

Travel plan and booking experience differs from each traveller. S1 Hospitality empowers hotels to develop  customer relationships in communication and engagement. Utilize the data in the best manner in developing measurable and targeted marketing campaigns. 

Convenience for International Market

Seamless, affordable and easy access travels allow regional travellers direct access via internet to tourism providers, omitting global international traveller bookings by making available multi-lingual and multi-currency capability, guests services have no limit to nationalities it serves.

Incorporating Best Practices

Experience and knowledge of the business are required for incorporating best business practices & standards into the process flow of S1 Hospitality. Ensuring data capture, smooth operations and most importantly great user experience using the solutions goes into plans and development to provide hotels the best digital tool for business.


Communication is most empowering when staff are connected in a close community via mobility and sharing information with a common objective towards developing a positive work culture, delivering appreciative guest guest services and achieving KPls.

Product Updates

All S1 Hospitality future product updates are automatic for active customers and ensure the latest technology, function and features available to compete in this competitive industry. Hotels will be notified for product periodical updates or when it is available with hotels notified.

Operation App

Hotel industry is mobile and fluid, streamline customer service with S1 Hospitality Operation app that links with the mobile devices of the guest for services, coordinate back-office operations, front desk tasks; housekeeping., maintenance, daily tasks. This helps hotels make employees more effective and use resources more efficiently.


We value our customers & deliver more in our solutions

  1. All-in-one, easy management of website, social media, and booking engine contents.
  2. Marketing tool for guest services, engagement, and delivering more revenue.
  3. Biometrics, analytics, chatbots, and loT are available standard features.
  4. Digitalization of surveys, guest feedback, guest services, correspondences and etc.
  5. Comprehensive customer database management is incorporated.
  6. Smart platform offers better expansion opportunities and collaboration.